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Easy Like Sunday Morning

Perhaps the most recognizable words of the Commodores hit “Easy”  are “easy like Sunday mornin’ “.  This Sunday is one of those mornin’s.  Beautiful skies, 70°,  birds chirping, my two hummingbirds playing tag all over my back yard and the trusted family guard dog chasing rabbits and squirrels.  I know it gets brutally hot here in San Antonio, but these are the days we live for.  It’s hard to describe the smell of the cedars, the grass and the flowers, but it is just amazing.  Since moving back to San Antonio 2 years ago, we have really come to appreciate mornings like this.  Another favorite recurring Sunday event is the 1:00 service at Community Bible Church.  We used to attend the Saturday night service, which is also a great service by the way, until we discovered the 1 o’clock on Sunday.  It can be aptly described as…Laid back, less crowded, relaxed attire, great teaching by Chris Emmitt, friendly, casual, fulfilling, refreshing….easy like Sunday mornin’!

Easy Like Sunday Mornin'
Easy Like Sunday Mornin’

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