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Mid-Century Modern Love

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in June and I was sitting in the small, happily cluttered office of our real estate agent. My husband, sitting next to me, held my hand in his confident and loving manner as I blubbered full on, tears streaming down my face.

Across the desk from us was a neat and efficient woman shuffling papers and spewing numbers and terms I only partially understood. She was speaking of earnest money, option fees, down payment amounts, interest rates and loan terms. I was thinking that she was one of the most intelligent and capable people I had ever met. She was patient, caring and saying, “it’s all going to work out. If this isn’t the one for you, we will keep looking.”

We were looking for a new home. We had sold our current home in just days and needed a new one, and fast. I had visions of a new polished kitchen, numerous bathrooms, spacious bedrooms and an open floor plan all in a luxurious style that met the visions of my dreams. But, with our budget, coupled with the lack of home inventory, this was not the case. In fact, we were worried we would even find a home at all.

I felt that my home-buying illusions were crushed. After looking at what felt like hundreds of homes, we found a mid-century home that was not ideal. It needed work and I just wasn’t sure I wanted to spend my budget and time on this home. I was so insecure with the purchase that I requested to go back and see it two more times with family and friends. I needed reassurance.

That beautiful day in June, I sat in the small office across from my amazing Realtor and signed the offer papers for over asking price. I was scared.

After closing on the home several weeks later, we moved in and started to remodel. When we signed the offer that day in June, I made my husband promise me that I would never have to cook in that “awful” kitchen. The white, chipped laminate, flimsy bar, noisy vent hood and original 1970’s appliances were not going to work for me. He made the promise and we spent the first three months reworking that kitchen. Our evenings were full of dust, noise and home remodel stores, but we had fun completely transforming that old kitchen into something we were both proud of and happy to use.

Over the next several years we remodeled many other parts of the house. We upgraded the master bath and spare bath. We converted the wood burning fireplace to gas. We added an office space, upgraded the windows, opened that kitchen up to the patio by replacing a large window with sliding French doors and even added a small shop out back. In the end, buying that house was the best home-buying decision we ever made! I grew to truly love that home and its mid-century style. The vaulted ceilings with wood beams, massive fireplace, beautiful windows and large rooms were beautiful and a perfect for our family.

We moved twelve years later due to my husband being transferred with his job. I was very, very sad when we left.

We sold that home in three days! Three days!

I will always have a great love for the mid-century modern. My new vision of a dream home is a beautiful mid-century that I can put my touch on once more.

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