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Client Testimonials

Customer Testimonials



“When my husband and I learned that we would be relocating back to San Antonio, we knew right away that we wanted to buy a house. We knew, that because we were living overseas at the time, we would need a great realtor who would be willing to help us with what we thought would be a difficult process. Our preference was to find a house and begin the buying process a couple of months before we would be arriving back home, so that we would be able to move in right away. So, I asked a friend if she knew of a realtor that she would recommend. That is when it was highly recommended that I contact Amy Carter. So, I did! I explained our situation and desires to Amy via email. She was very prompt in getting back to us and answering all of our questions. She immediately began searching for homes that met our list of needs. I then decided that I would take a two-week trip from overseas to look at some of the houses she was finding that met our needs. Amy knew the time limit I was facing, and all of what seemed to be obstacles to us, but she showed confidence that with her help, we would find the perfect house in such a short time period and be able to begin the buying process and finish it from overseas. I admit, I was nervous and skeptical, but also hopeful. When I arrived, Amy had a large list of houses she wanted to show me over a few days’ time. Every single house on the list met every one of our requests. I could tell right away, she was extremely professional and was not going to let me down. After just a couple of days of looking, she found the perfect house. I think we both knew it was the one after we walked through. We decided to put in an offer right away. It was accepted and the process began quickly. Amy then put me in contact with an excellent mortgage broker who was also very professional and ready to tackle the obstacles of going through the buying process from overseas. Since Amy was so organized and professional, the entire process went smoothly, and painlessly. She really went above and beyond for us in every way. We could not be happier that we chose her to help us with our home buying needs. I would recommend Amy Carter to anyone looking for a home.”

Rick and Michelle K.

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“Now that the house has closed and the process is finally over, I want to write you both a thank you for making the process as easy as possible. I know there were a few curve balls in the process and last minute inspections that added to the complexities the estate and multiple title owners already created. I truly appreciate the hard work you and your teams provided in getting this done. I was so pleased with the services, professionalism, and friendliness of the people involved in the process that I have decided to retain the services of Amy again in the search for my new home in the Cibolo area. Thank you again for everything you have done.””I would like to thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and my family over the past couple of months. You provided exceptional service selling my home in Bulverde when I thought it would never sell. Changing agents was the best thing I could have done for selling the home. I know we appreciate your ability to work with the challenges I presented as well as the nature of the sale itself. You did a great job handling my concerns and everything was done timely. Additionally, you continued to provide exceptional service when asked to help us find our new home in Cibolo. I was impressed when you immediately responded to my suggestions and scheduled viewings as soon as possible. I think we got lucky finding such a great home on the first day and Jessie and I are extremely happy in the new house. Your success in this industry must definitely be based on your professionalism, courtesy, and caring for your clients. Again, I would like to thank both you and your family for all the time you spent taking care of my family and I.”

Torrey Potter

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“The house is great! It is such a blessing to watch the kids in their very own backyard enjoying the summer. This is one of the reasons we wanted to buy so bad. We have wonderful neighbors, everyone is so welcoming. During the home buying process, it was comforting knowing that we could “bug” you all at any time to help us understand something or answer a question. You all have great lender refrences that worked with us to make a dream happen we thought would never come true. I still think we got off easy, but our road was not without bumps. Knowing that you all stopped by the house and checked on the foundation repair process was really a testiment that you all were not out for the money, but rather to help make sure we were taken care of. I would be honored to do a testimonial and will send it by end of week. You have any referrals that come our way, and any other housing needs for us in the future. God bless yall!

Laurie Briones

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“Amy is a wonderful person and realtor. Our questions and concerns were always handled in a timely and professional manner. She is honest, patient, and encouraging. Working with Amy enabled our home-selling and home-buying to be very positive experiences.”

Mandy B.